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  When They Fear Your Anointing As I spend time in the Spirit, I am drawn to 1 Samuel 18. In the prior chapter, David defeated the giant Philistine Goliath. Indeed, the Spirit of the LORD left Saul and he began to be tormented by an evil spirit.  At the same time, the LORD is walking David right into his anointing. Likewise, we realize that this is when the spiritual warfare began for David. It is not the beginning. As his brothers showed contempt and maltreatment for him. Nevertheless, eventually evolved. David is unjustly pursued by Saul who hated him. Knowing that the LORD is with David. Saul's jealousy and envy set in motion his desire to kill David. As if eliminating him would restore his standing with men and/or God. (Think of Cain and Abel.) A Tragic Misconception This is a form of pride that I see every day as a nurse. The LORD only decides who lives and who dies. When a fragile human is healed by the LORD's grace. Days are added to their life. They immediately begin to
  Honoring Man As I read the book of Esther, I realize that I share a similar characteristic of Mordecai. Never feeling the need to honor men. This is with exception. I am aware of the perils of ungodly relationships, soul ties, and trauma bonds. For obvious reasons, I am past that now. Accordingly, I wipe the dust from my feet and keep it moving. Even when it hurts. Notwithstanding, I have always had the mindset that I value no man above Jesus. Even those in authority. Moreover, I know from whence my help comes. Regardless to whether you are the president, renowned entertainer or businessman, employer or supervisor, millionaire or billionaire. You are but a man. We can't save our own souls alive. This is evident in the "ancestors" that have died before you. Haman's Low Self-Esteem Mordecai would not bow to Haman!!! This has nothing to do with pride, this is about reverence of the one true God. As Haman, individuals place high esteem in self-regard and the need to be
  Who We Are As I read in the book of Ezra, the LORD is merciful. And through Cyrus the king, some exiles are returned to the land. I recently saw a headline on a YouTube video stating that there is no evidence showing that Jesus existed. In addition, the Holy Spirit reminded me of when Jacob wrestled with the Angel and asked the Angel for his name. The Angel would not tell him (Genesis 32:29). Accordingly, when Samson's father Manoa inquired of the Angel who was sent to him for his name. The Angel replied, why do you ask? It is beyond understanding (Judges 13:18). A Fool Says in His Heart That There is No God People argue every day about who Jesus is and if He exists. I know that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one. Communing with them daily. Hence, there is no question for me. It is ingrained in my soul. Genealogies are important for a reason. And meticulous records were kept in biblical days. Yet in our humanity records have been lost and destroyed. The enemy wants