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  Fighting with Faith!!! This will be short, but I have been reading from the books of the Bible that were missing from the Protestant Canon. I'm curious as to why these things were left off. I do want to be clear that the Word of God is whole, and one should not be esteemed over the other. But that all is written for edification of the saints through the Holy Spirit. That it is integral to know Him in intimacy to distinguish what is of the LORD, or of Satan, and that that is worldly. There is a running theme that I am noticing. Particularly with the Maccabees. These men put Yah first, with continued prayers, fastings, and supplications. This is key. God is speaking to His chosen and drawing them to seek Him with these attributes. With yearning, zeal, and in true repentance. Read in its entirety at  Benevolent Woman
 Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live!!! For the past few months, I have felt as if the Holy Spirit has been warning me. That unclean and abominable individuals are attempting to attack me. You have no idea, the judgment that is coming for you! I am warning you because we work with occultists, we are in relationships with them, have children with them, and may even be casual acquaintances with them. They cook our food and even care for us. Think about the access that these sorcerers have to those around them. Yet I digress. As the LORD is showing me, to mislead is of the devil. This is why Satan is known as “The Great Deceiver”. It is crazy to me how many seek the temporary pleasures of this world to be adored and worshiped by men. But when you look at what they have to do and give up for these worldly pleasures, is it really worth it? Read or listen to this at least three times. You risk your souls and eternal damnation. Because our minds are finite we don’t comprehend the ending. Ev
  Confusion: A Powerful Evil!!! As I am interacting with individuals, the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to warn of this deadly evil because it is found in many. For the aggressor, to pray to cast it out. For the victims, to separate yourselves from the unclean thing. For the instigators who relish this spirit, walking in the abominable, let me give you a stark correlation: 1) “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work” (James 3: 16, KJV). 2) “Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion” (Leviticus 18: 23, KJV). Do you understand? The Spirit is clear on this. Confusion is a perverse, abominable spirit. Read or listen in its entirety at  Benevolent Woman
  Established from The Beginning!!! It was men and women who chose to sin. To participate in the abominable. Partaking in spells and witchcraft. Having intercourse with the fallen, devils, demons, animals, and beasts. Sacrificing children, and each other. Committing cannibalism, drinking blood, murder, the creation of weapons used to kill, and every other heinous abomination imaginable and unimaginable. Now let me confirm this with the first commandment given to Noah after he was allowed to leave the ark. Please pay attention. Because even then, almost all things were given to men to eat but there was a grave exception. And if it were not to be again, why would God warn us against it? (This is why it always perplexes me of the warnings against sin and how many will blatantly disregard it and many act as if they don’t even exist.)  Read in its entirety at  Benevolent Woman
  With All Your Knowledge, Get Understanding!!! As I commune with the Holy Spirit He is impressing upon me the importance of understanding. Let me give you the most obvious example ever presented. When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they only knew that they were naked in that moment. It is the tree of wisdom. But what good is it without understanding? Instead, a curse on all men, and Death and Sin were allowed to enter in this earthly realm. Satan deceived them intentionally. Fully aware that disobedience leads to sin and sin leads to death. Read in its entirety at:  Benevolent Woman