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  Trusting God in Adversity As I read from 1 Samuel, 14:6 stood out for me. I have said and known that all that I have and all that I am is contributed to the Most High. In this scripture, while Saul and the Israelites are battling the Philistines, Jonathan decided to go along with his young armor-bearer into battle without any other man. "...For there is nothing to prevent the LORD from saving, whether by many or few".   Jonathan is spoken of often, but it is usually in his loyalty and brotherly love for David. Rarely do we hear of his courage. Or the strength of the bond they shared. Their trust in the LORD!   I can relate to this because throughout my life, when even as a nurse, I would ask an associate for assistance, there would be many times where they would reply, "Okay, just a minute" and then go on talking as if I wasn't there. Times where some would just not acknowledge me at all. Immediately, the Spirit would say, "You don't have to wait on t
  The Abuse Continues I recently wrote about a form of abuse and want to give some insight into the confirmation given by the Holy Spirit. Acknowledging His timeliness. Reading from 1 Samuel 11:17-24. I learned on the previous day that no exceptions are being made. The benefits in my contract are being gutted. Consequently, I spoke with another nurse. Who (without me even asking) disclosed how much she is receiving. Before and after the modifications to her contract. Feeling frustrated, disappointed, and very angry, I prayed to the LORD to help me healthily process this situation and move on. Needless to say, the Spirit was letting me know that what He is revealing is truth. It is up to me to act accordingly. Albeit upset while driving home, I expressed my anger and frustration to the LORD. Differing Standards and Integrity Moreover, I want to clarify that I am not here to judge. Nevertheless, I am allowed to see how some, if not many, are in the same position as I am. Who feel comfort
  Man's Disdain for God As I commune with the LORD, I am reading from 1 Samuel 4-7. God was bringing judgment upon Eli and his sons Hophni and Phinehas. Additionally, there is a war between Israel and the Philistines. As the Israelites continue to take the LORD for granted. Their defeat will be inevitable. Besides, this is partly because they chose to continue following the men that disrespected God. As the Israelites themselves continue to worship idols. Nevertheless, they expected that they should prevail. And their behavior is overlooked. God's Favor Even so, their acts were so grievous that initially when the ark of the covenant of the LORD came into the camp, the Philistines were terrified because they had heard of the terrible acts God had done to Israel's enemies in the past. Including the Egyptians. The Israelites refused to honor Him and hardened their hearts. The Philistines defeated Israel. Captured the ark. While becoming as callous toward God as the Israelites.