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  Setting Yourself Up for Sin As I go into the book of Judges, and after Joshua's death, the fleshly nature of the Israelites began revealing itself. The Lord commanded them to drive out all the inhabitants and not to spare or pity them. But why? I will now reference one of my favorite scriptures. Joshua 24:15. Joshua warned the people that the sin that surrounds them is inevitable. "And if it seem evil unto you to serve ye the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve...!!!" Seeing that they were honoring God with their mouths, Joshua was aware that their hearts were far from God. Joshua commanded them to put away their idols. Accordingly, I am adding some synonyms for disobedience: dereliction, neglect, perversity, sabotage, transgression, and revolt. Bringing awareness to why partial obedience is not acceptable. Lukewarm Obedience When you choose to half-heartedly obey the LORD, you are choosing idolatry. Validating that you have spoken in your heart that you love t
  Standing on Your Promises This morning I woke up thirty minutes prior to a scheduled phone interview with a recruiter from a hospital in my state of residence. She offered me nights and I prefer days. The starting wage is below my worth. Yet, I told her I would consider it. After the Covid, healthcare debacle, I will never understand why employers refuse to recognize the importance of nurses, in every capacity. Furthermore, why would I give them my valuable time and energy? While risking my mental health and stability. Confirming the wresting in my spirit, I saw an interview with Toure' Roberts. He was explaining the pros of saying no and the cons of always saying yes. I will clarify my understanding to the best of my ability because the video disappeared from my Instagram timeline. The Pros and Cons Your yes's can deplete you, severely and holistically. Causing you to miss out on opportunities because you are preoccupied in ungodly situations. The door to spiritual warfare i
  Indomitable and Omnipotent When Elijah confronted the 450 prophets, he was alone. Even in the presence of all of Israel, he alone believed in one God. Elijah did not waiver!!! The prophets prepared their ox. They called on Baal from morning to noon. As Elijah mocked them, they leaped and yelled louder. Cutting themselves in desperation. It is written that "their blood flowed". Nevertheless, they were willing to die to continue perpetuating deception. Moreover, Elijah began mocking them. Maybe Baal is busy or sleeping. The prophets began to babble dramatically. Probably speaking "gibberish". Pre-eminent Faith Consequently, when Elijah prepared his ox, he went further. First rebuilding the altar of the LORD, Using the twelve stones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Despising the altar dedicated to Baal. Likewise, Elijah added a deep ditch and watered everything down. Try to burn wet wood or any item saturated with water. Elijah prayed and the fire of the LOR
  Appreciate Small Beginnings Yesterday as I was preparing to put up a video, I noticed that I had two new subscribers. My first two, to be exact. Even though, one was my son, I am thankful and excited. Humbled, I cherish the little things. As it is written, "Who [with reason] despises the day of small things (beginnings)? For these seven [eyes] shall rejoice when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel. They are the eyes of the LORD which roam throughout the earth." (Zechariah 4:10, AMP) Even the LORD, in all his majesty, rejoices in this. As I continued to read from 1 Kings 20, I recognize the utterance given. KIng Ben-hadad was coming against the king of Israel. Ahab conceded to his initial demands. Willing to give up silver and gold. Besides his wives and children. Consequently, because Ahab was willing to give up without a fight (for the sake of peace), Ben-hadad then changed the terms of the agreement. Wanting more. This is an epiphany for me. Ahab knew that i
  How Long Will You Waiver? True prophets are not a dime a dozen. People proclaim to be prophets every day. Obeying the LORD is not glitz and glamor. Prophets are despised for telling the truth. For rendering God's judgment. Just as it is written and forever remains written, "For Your sake we are put to death all day long; we are regarded as sheep for the slaughter (Romans 8:36, AMP). But we are precious in the eyes of the LORD. Moreover, when Elijah healed the widow woman's son, it is written that God heard him. Consequently, while confronting the people of Israel and Jezebel's prophets, Elijah told the Israelites to choose. I believe he was frustrated at that point. "How long will you hesitate between two opinions..." Nevertheless, be mindful that Jezebel's prophets told her what she wanted too here. Appeasing her. Even so, the Israelites silence in that moment spoke volumes. People are very aware of the choice between good and evil. Additionally, some