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  Rewarding Faithfulness When the LORD was about to take Elijah up, Elisha was there by his side. Although I am unaware of the actual distance, what the LORD is imparting in my spirit is Elisha's faithfulness. Stop and think of what he would have lost if he decided to stay when Elijah told him to. Instead of following him. Elisha knew that Elijah would be taken from him. God in His mercy made sure that Elisha was aware. From Bethel to Jericho, to the Jordan, the prophets and sons foretold what Elisha already knew. Persistence is Key If either Elisha or Ruth had given up, they would never have received the supernatural unction that was being prepared for them. So let me give you one more example to drive this point home. Remember when Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the LORD? He refused to let go until the LORD blessed him. Even when Jacob's hip was dislocated, he refused to give up. I repeat that walking with the LORD can be difficult. For to whom much is given, more is requir
 The Three Stages of Growth!!! David went through three distinct phases.  Phase 1: Doubt and Knowing but not knowing.  He was anointed king over Israel but waited years while enduring persecution and painful trials. Fearing for his life at times. Even though he was consecrated as king in his youth. The promise did not manifest for ages. This discouragement led to frustration, but God kept him. Phase 2: The realization. After seeing the LORD bless David with those who were willing to serve him. To ensure that God's promises for his life came to pass. Men came to give their time and support to build his palace. Then, David "understood" that the LORD had established and confirmed him as king. After every trial that the LORD had delivered David from up to this point, this is when he finally attained awareness of God's favor. Phase 3: Accepting His Grace and Favor. It is hard when we know our past. Our weaknesses and the sins that we have committed. We don't understand
  Everyone is Not Called!!! I recently did a broadcast and in it, I shared that I continue to pray for my loved ones. Knowing that God is full of grace and mercy. But I have mentioned that to be intimate with the LORD you have to establish a relationship with Him. No matter what, you trust Him even in adversity. I say this because although we want the best for our loved ones, particularly our children. That the most we can do is train them up in the way that they should go. And be content that the rest is up to them. While being keenly aware that everyone is not going to accept Jesus as their LORD and Savior. I cannot allow this to deter me. Because after I have shown you the way. You must make your own decisions. Just as we are given free will. We must accept the choices that our loved ones make. Lest they become snares to our salvation. Schedule a Session
  Don't Be Distracted. Stay Focused!!! Be careful. With whom you procreate. Make major purchases with. And who you start businesses with. Because if it goes bad. It goes bad quickly and the problems will run extremely deep.  If the individual is a narcissist. They will either destroy you or worse. If you don't have the capacity to respect one another, you may have to deal with legal challenges. Including corrupt individuals and institutions. You may walk away from the situation destitute and worse. Because let's keep it real. Most of them are networking to enrich one another and they don't care for you or the children. If any are involved. Schedule A Session
 You Have Been Marked!!! Many are being deceived so that they may fit in with the "world's standards".    So admonish those you love with the Spirit of truth. Not by words alone but by your deeds. Walking in love, at all times. And when we do fall, as we will, let us repent and get back up. Knowing that there is no condemnation for those who love Christ Jesus. Know this also. The Holy Spirit is reminding me of this as I am preparing this blog. Your name can be blotted out of the book of life. So do not be deceived that once you give your life to God, you can just run all willy Nilly up and throughout. Not being accountable for your and actions. Always coming from a place of love!!! Schedule Life Coaching Sessions -
  When you know! But you don't! Feeling  calm   😌 Years ago, God spoke to me as He has to others. "You're going to do something big for me!" I have yet to realize it, but I know in my heart that it is true. The spiritual warfare that I am in makes it clear. Know that when you have a calling on your life, the devil fears you. I have prayed and am aware that there is a powerful anointing on my words. Spoken and written. Aware that with this realization, the average person, including family, friends, frenemies, and some strangers may not support you and may even despise you. It is why people look at you a certain way and are backbiters and gossipers. Full of jealousy and envy. Fear Not, For I am With You For this purpose, God gave me this Word long ago. "Behold, I have made your face as hard (strong) as their faces and your forehead as hard (strong) as their foreheads. I have made your forehead like emery (diamond), harder than flint. Do not be afraid of them or be