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  It is Already Decreed I am reading in the book of Ezra where the exiles began to rebuild the temple. Please take note that in Ezra chapter 4, the enemies of the Israelites, the Samaritans first came feigning wanting to assist them. In the rebuilding of the temple. Nevertheless, the leaders of Israel were clear in verse 3. We don't serve the same God. We will build the temple ourselves. To put it more bluntly. We see right through you. Why would we accept your help? When the Samaritans perceived that the Israelites could not be easily deceived, their true natures became manifest. Moreover, they began to threaten and intimidate the Israelites. The Samaritans went even further. Writing a letter to the king. Accusing the Israelites of attempting to rebel. This is done directly against the will of God. Accordingly, calling the rebuilding of the temple evil. The Folly Continues The Samaritans and other enemies convinced the king to decree that the work is stopped. Albeit the prophets o
  Choosing Ignorance Yesterday I went to court with my son. He is being accused of a crime that he did not commit. With solid alibis. What is disturbing my spirit is that his attorney and the investigator are clearly aware that he is innocent. Albeit the lawyer stated, "You know if this really did happen you can tell me. I am obligated by attorney-client privilege not to say anything". This is a form of mental deception and manipulation. A type of mental illness. It is when a person refuses to see the truth. Thus, saith the LORD, "A liar shall not tarry in my sight"! I awoke this morning and expressed to the Holy Spirit what disdain I have for devious, beguiling people. I had my last session with my therapist yesterday. And she always reminds me not to be judgmental. That people heal differently. But the Spirit spoke to me and made it clear that it is reserved for those who are truly trying to repair their mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Nevertheless, I