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It is Already Decreed

I am reading in the book of Ezra where the exiles began to rebuild the temple. Please take note that in Ezra chapter 4, the enemies of the Israelites, the Samaritans first came feigning wanting to assist them. In the rebuilding of the temple.

Nevertheless, the leaders of Israel were clear in verse 3. We don't serve the same God. We will build the temple ourselves.

To put it more bluntly. We see right through you. Why would we accept your help?

When the Samaritans perceived that the Israelites could not be easily deceived, their true natures became manifest. Moreover, they began to threaten and intimidate the Israelites. The Samaritans went even further. Writing a letter to the king. Accusing the Israelites of attempting to rebel. This is done directly against the will of God. Accordingly, calling the rebuilding of the temple evil.

The Folly Continues

The Samaritans and other enemies convinced the king to decree that the work is stopped. Albeit the prophets of the LORD, Haggai and Zechariah encouraged them to start again.

Moreover, another government came against the Israelites. Questioning their authority to rebuild the temple. Even so, this time the Israelites did not stop.

Furthermore, they answered their accusers. The LORD established the decree to rebuild through king Cyrus. "We are servants of the God of heaven and earth, and are rebuilding the temple which was erected many years ago, which a great king of Israel built and finished (Ezra 5:11, AMP).

Hence their enemies asked king Darius to confirm the matter. While searching the records it was found. Not only is the temple to be rebuilt. With a strong foundation and precious jewels. Using money that was already stored up and provided for this exact reason. Additionally, every item that king Nebuchadnezzar took from the temple was to be restored. (Remember that God does not need to affirm your calling to anyone else. So, know who you are in Him and remain established.)

God's Restoration

Indeed, king Darius commanded that their enemies cease and desist. Reaffirming that the money for the project is paid out of the treasury.

Making even their enemies contribute to the building of the temple. With a further command that they should supply whatever else is needed. This is to confirm that God provides resources in abundance. To fulfill His orders. Because the judgment is of the LORD. Mere man will not be able to circumvent His instructions.

The revelation given to me by the Spirit is that when God ordains a thing. He only has to do so once. His word is unchanged. When confirmed in your obedience.  "So will My word be which goes out of My mouth; It will not return to Me void (useless, without result), without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11, AMP).

Notwithstanding, when God gives you your purpose, mission, and/or vision, it is a sovereign decree. Never deemed irrelevant, null, or void. According to the words or deeds of a man.

"God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken and will He not make it good and fulfill it? (Numbers 23:19 AMP).

Become Inspired

This is to encourage those of us that have strayed from the path of our responsibilities. Having become discouraged by self, man, or circumstances. "Shall I bring to the point of birth but not give delivery?" says the LORD. "Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?" says your God (Isaiah 66:9, NASB).

Take this to heart. "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest (Joshua 1:9, KJV).

Therefore, whatever it is you have been commanded to do. Be diligent. Remain consistent. "I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the strong, and neither is bread to the wise nor riches to those of intelligence and understanding nor favor to men of ability; but time and chance overtake them all (Ecclesiastes 9:11, AMP).

Now read or listen to this again three times and get it down into your souls. Let this minister to you as the LORD has unto me.

Always coming from a place of love!!!

Originally written on 07/23/2022.

Benevolent Woman


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